Chloe Cathleen Ricketts #89 (CCR )

Chloe Ricketts Noteable Soccer Achievements

Chloe Ricketts On-Field Skills & Attributes

  • Unmatched Foot Skills against any opponent... Girls or Boys
  • Extremely Fast and more importantly... Super Quick!
  • Great Shot but also Excellent Passer
  • Uncanny Take-Away ability, seldom a contest on a 50/50 ball
  • Extraordinary Field Awareness
  • Consummate Team Player - Midfield or Forward

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Chloe's Personal Attributes

  • Class of 2025 Birth year 2007
  • Humble but fierce competitor and dedicated athlete
  • Straight "A" Student
  • Caretaker for many snakes, lizards, birds, and dogs
  • Loving Sister
Michigan Tigers Boys Soccer Club 2007 NextLevel Training Michigan Jaguars Soccer Club Girls 2006 MKT Jersey Blue Lion Fitness Gym AFC Ann Arbor Semi-Pro Soccer Club
Chloe Ricketts is an exceptional youth girls soccer, futsal, football, baller, player phenom. She is incredibly talented with "foot skills", fast, speed, quick. Been a "state champion" on the "national, regional, teams and a national champion. Played for hawks, tigers, jaguars, solar, afcaa "afc ann arbor" "mighty oak"