Chloe Cathleen Ricketts #89 (CCR )

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AFC AA Photos by Raj Mehta
Michigan Hawks 1st Nationals 2nd Chloe Ricketts upside down on the swingset Chloe ricketts getting another player out of her way Blue Lion Fitness working the core Chloe`s got big muscles Chloe just haning out Chloe has her head up looking downfield Chloe`s teammate is a little bigger than her Chloe`s snake Kevin Chloe`s lizard Passing image from US Soccer site Chloe dressed up for the prom Chloe and piper on a skateboard Chloe doing squats and blue lion fitness Michigan tiger action with the boys Michigan tiger action with the boys Michigan tiger action with the boys That`s what you get when tackled on artificial turf 2006 Michigan Jaguars Chloe going up for the ball Chloe Kissing the Michigan State Cup Championship trophy Click for Chloe`s theme songs Michigan Tigers national ranking Chloe and piper on a skateboard Texas Solar 2006 team picture Soccer icon Michigan Hawks state cup champions

Chloe Ricketts c/o
1726 Stonebridge Dr. S
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Michigan Tigers Boys Soccer Club 2007 NextLevel Training AFC Ann Arbor Semi-Pro Soccer Club Blue Lion Fitness Gym Michigan Jaguars Soccer Club Girls 2006
Chloe Ricketts is an exceptional youth girls soccer, futsal, football, baller, player phenom. She is incredibly talented with "foot skills", fast, speed, quick. Been a "state champion" on the "national, regional, teams and a national champion. Played for hawks, tigers, jaguars, solar, afcaa "afc ann arbor" "mighty oak"