Chloe Cathleen Ricketts #89 (CCR )

Women Win, Men Draw, on Back-to-Back Flint Matchdays

By Jinseong Kim

What brought the game back to The Mighty Oak was from none other than Chloe Ricketts’s tremendous dribble in the 74th minute. Reclaiming possession back with a great pressing on the 27-yard mark in their own half, Ricketts made an unbelievable 70-yard sprint. The 15-year-old wasn’t in the middle of wide space; she had to face the pressure from two defenders instantaneously. But Ricketts was able to overcome the press, dribble past four opponents, and finish the action by herself. The effort was less than a centimeter wide, however, Ricketts’ run ignited the entire Mighty Oak side.
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Chloe Ricketts is an exceptional youth girls soccer, futsal, football, baller, player phenom. She is incredibly talented with "foot skills", fast, speed, quick. Been a "state champion" on the "national, regional, teams and a national champion. Played for hawks, tigers, jaguars, solar, afcaa "afc ann arbor" "mighty oak"